Save your 5 seconds: Windows 10 now lets you take out pen drive from computers without ejecting it safely


For many years, we have been subjected to one major rule while using a computer – don’t take out a flash drive without selecting the “Safely Eject USB Storage” from Windows PCs. It was often stated the ejecting external storage suddenly could result in loss of data and other performance related issues. While this is a great way to ensure data health on your external storage, it is always annoying to do so every time you have to remove your pen drive from the PC. Microsoft has identified this issue and they have fixed it with the latest Windows 10 update.Microsoft is officially stating that users now no more need to click on the “Safely Eject USB Storage” option before unplugging their flash drives from a PC. With the new QuickRemoval feature, Windows 10 will now cause no harm to the data stored on the flash drive if a user removes it suddenly. The new feature has been part of the latest Windows 10 update.If your Windows laptop has received the Windows 10 build 1809, then you can now remove your pen drive or portable hard drives without going through the annoying menus anymore.

In order to make this feature possible, Microsoft has changed the way Windows deals with external storage drives. So far, Windows used to keep cache operation alive in the external drive for as long as it was plugged into the PC. If a drive was suddenly pulled out, the cache operation would have been interrupted and the data could get corrupted.With the new Quick Removal feature, Windows 10 will no more keep writing cache files to the drive and, therefore, pose no threat to the data on the external drive. Therefore, you could save your precious 5 seconds every time you unplug your flash drive from your laptop or desktop.

Do note that you could still lose your data if you remove the flash drive while data is written on the drive. The Quick Removal feature is enabled by default with the Windows 10 build 1809 update and you don’t have to do any other manual process to get this feature activated. However, the Quick Removal feature was present on previous versions of Windows and one could have enabled it by diving deep into the system properties of an individual storage drive.If you haven’t received the Windows 10 1809 update yet, you should connect your PC to the Internet and check of updates manually. If the update still doesn’t show up, Microsoft is releasing the update in batches across all Windows 10 devices and it could be a while before it shows up on your PC.

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